Wobblophones - Unique and unusual sample libraries for Live and Kontakt


We make sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt and Ableton Live.
We create our libraries using high quality samples recorded from our own self-developed and self-built (electro)acoustic instruments.

Because we build our own instruments, our "virtual" instruments are all unique and sometimes quite unusual, but always full of musical potential.

You can find our sample instruments on the product page.

November 6th, 2015

New Release: Harmonic Machinery

We're proud to announce Harmonic Machinery is here!
It's a fun sample library full of potential for music and sound design.
Built around samples of metallic sounding instruments,
Harmonic Machinery is a sound library that holds two virtual instruments, Ferro and Nebulon Ferro.

Harmonic Machinery is availble with a 15% discount until December 6th, 2015.
Please check the product page for more details.

A demo version is available here.

Harmonic Machinery

September 27th, 2015

Coming this autumn: Harmonic Machinery

We’re getting closer and closer to wrapping up Harmonic Machinery.
This new library is based on a collection of sounds from our metallic instruments. Their main sound generating components are made of metal. This gives rise to a wide range of harmonic, inharmonic and scratchy sounds.

One of the key virtual instruments of this library is “Nebulon Ferro”.
It is a multi-layered granular texture synthesizer with plenty of ways to create great sounding textures and patterns. It has the ability to transform harsh metallic input into very musical and harmonic sounds.
It’s full of music and sound design potential!

Stay tuned for more info!
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Far Infrared

Nebulon Ferro Preview

August 5th, 2015

Wobblophones Birthday Celebration - New lower prices

We are excited to tell you we’ve been up and running for two years already!
Currently we’re busy with two new products that we expect to release this autumn.
Meanwhile, to celebrate our two years, we’ve decided to lower all our prices. Check them out here!


April 2nd, 2014

Our third release, Tunelle is finally here!

This virtual sampled instrument library is filled with unique and wobbly Spring sounds and is very fun to play with.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we're offering Tunelle with a 15% discount until the end of April!

Tunelle is available for Kontakt 5 and Live 9.
In this libary you will find samples of two instruments:
Metal Tunelle and Wooden Tunelle, 5 articulations, up to 8 velocity layers, 3 round-robin layers, 40 presets,
and as an extra - a Body Hits articulation, covering 3.5 octaves.

Please note that Tunelle for Kontakt doesn't work for the free Kontakt Player.


March 3rd, 2014

Coming in Spring: Tunelle, a spring instrument!

We've designed, built and sampled two Tunelles :
Metal Tunelle and Wooden Tunelle.

A sample library that's all about the various and rich colours of spring resonances.
Read more about Tunelle's story here.

And for now enjoy the Tunelle demo track Snowdrops!


November 21st, 2013

New release: Blue Triangle!

Blue Triangle is a Spring percussion instrument.
It is now available for Kontakt 5, Live 8 and 9.

In this sample library you will find 3 octaves (Kontakt) / a drum rack with 40 pads (Live), covering 3 articulations, 3 round robin layers, 6 presets and 20 short 'Blips' (Clips).

Check out the demo track:
Fluttering Motion

Blue Triangle Kontakt

October 31st, 2013

Happy Halloween!
PriZm is now also available for Kontakt 5!

To celebrate this we offer:
15% discount on all versions of PriZm!

The PriZm sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt covers a range of 4 octaves and reveals the versatile character and the diversity of timbres of the instrument.

In the PriZm sample library for NI Kontakt you will find:
4 octaves, 5 velocity layers, 5 round robin layers, 12 presets.

Please note that PriZm for Kontakt does not work with the free Kontakt Player.

The Kontakt version is available here.
The Live version is here.


October 15th, 2013

Video clip for Silicon Snow

Here's a short animated video clip for the PriZm sample pack demo track "Silicon Snow".

September 20th, 2013

Hurray! Our first sample pack "PriZm" is here!

It is available for Ableton Live 8 and Ableton Live 9.

PriZm is an enchanting percussive instrument with a singing soul. Its voice is always present in a form of distinct overtones that wobble in ever changing and unpredictable directions.

In the PriZm sample pack for Ableton Live you will find:
4 octaves, 5 velocity layers, 5 round robin layers, 11 presets.

The sample pack is available on the PriZm page.

PriZm Release

Welcome to wobblophones.com!

Wobblophones is a new sample instruments project
by Neon & Landa.

We love unstable pitch and we're crazy about wild and uncontrolled overtones. Once we encounter such sounds, we shape them further into physical things - new musical instruments.
And because buying physical musical instruments is expensive, we created Wobblophones where sample packs of our instruments are available for a reasonable price.

We hope to inspire you with our sounds and wish you lots of fun playing!

Neon & Landa