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Blue Triangle

Blue Triangle's story

Blue Triangle is a Spring percussion instrument. It is our very first self-built  acoustic instrument and it got us hooked on instrument building! This is the first instrument in our Spring instrument group.

Sonically Blue Triangle represents the idea of a big sound in a small body. Despite its angular shape, when plucked with a finger, its sound can be round and at times a bit like a gong or church bell.
But when applying different articulations, such as scraping with a plectrum or striking with a rubber mallet, metallic, more industrial sound qualities emerge and rattle along with the Blue Triangle's natural spring reverb.
As most of our Wobblophones do, the Blue Triangle has a strong presence of overtones (and "undertones").

$10.00 / €9.00 / £6.00

The Spring instrument group

As funny as it may sound, the idea for Spring instruments occurred on a sleepless night when restlessly laying on an old and occasionally ringing spring mattress.
The springs had a beautiful long spacious and reverberating sound.

Springs are actually used in so many objects that people use daily (pens, table lamps, watches, cars, you name it!), that we started collecting springs and playing around with their sonic qualities. A whole new world of long metallic resonances emerged!