Please read the following agreement carefully before using our software!

The sounds used in the sample libraries that come with this agreement are the property of Wobblophones, created by Neon & Landa. The sample libraries are licensed – not sold – to you, for use in your music productions.

The right to use the sample libraries is only granted to the original end-user of the product. This right is not transferable – which means you cannot share the sample libraries or sell them second hand. If the products are sold or shared, yours and the receivers licenses are no longer valid.

All lending, renting, copying, uploading, duplicating, trading or reselling of the products or their contents is not allowed.

We do allow you, even strongly advise you, to make a backup copy for your personal data safety. In case you lose a sample pack and have not made a safety backup we cannot supply you with the product again.

You are not allowed to sell or share a sample library based on the sample libraries you purchase from Wobblophones.
You are allowed to modify the sample libraries to your needs.

You don't need Wobblopones' permission or pay extra fees on top of the original price of the products to use the sample libraries in any type of music production (commercial or private).

The sample libraries provided are carefully tested on their intended 3rd party host software, however, we cannot be held responsible for malfunctioning of the sample libraries in case of changes to, or malfunctioning of, the 3rd party host software or the user's hardware.

Wobblophones or Neon & Landa cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the products in whatever form.

Enjoy the Wobblophones sounds!
Thank you!